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Sanctuary Light

3 April
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  • sanctuarylight@livejournal.com

~! Sanctuarylight's Journal !~

Hello, and welcome to my journal. My name is Erika. I live in Canada, a beautiful and happy place to live. Summers are hot, winters are cold- but I'm still glad to be lucky enough to have all 4 seasons. I proudly made this journal to be dedicated to mostly graphics, and normal dairy/journal entries. As most of you already know, I usually like making graphics such as icons, and wallpapers. I'm always listening to music when I can, and I'm a big fan of many bands. I like making new friends, so don't be afraid to leave a random comment on my journal because I wont mind; and if you want to talk, then go ahead and leave a friendly visit.

Name Erika
Gender Female
Interested In Men
Age 13
Star Sign Aries
Likes Graphic Designing, Photoshop, DDR,
video games, summer vacation, sleeping, listening to music
Dislikes Biters, plagerizers, wannabes, school, rap music.

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