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From now on, this journal will be friends only . Graphics, textures, tutorials etc. posted on this journal will remain public, but the rest of my graphic related posts will now be posted at jdsanctuary , feel free to watch that community :)
Sora & Riku, Kingdom Hearts

New Header !

Woah, I was just randomly playing around with photoshop when I made this new haeader and thought it looked well enough to be my header on my personal journal since it matched the colour schemes anyways :D My last one was alright but mehh, I like change don't you ? =)
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Sora & Riku, Kingdom Hearts

Tutorial #22

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8 Moderate Steps
Translatable: Has one Selective Colouring layer that makes a difference if not included
Uses: Hue/Sat, Selective Colouring, Colour Balance, and Curves
Difficulty: Medium
Using: Adobe Photoshop
PSD: Yess !
I tried to thoroughly explain all the steps as well as adding along some screenshots,
so this tutorial should still be understandable to even beginners
(WARNING: Some screenshots may be image heavy)

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Sora & Riku, Kingdom Hearts

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1-10.png image by disenchanted866 >> 2-7.png image by disenchanted866
Note: This tutorial works best for images with the main focus
moved to one side and with a reasonably light bg on the other .
Translatable: Has one Selective Colouring layer, but it can be avoided if wanted
Number of Steps: 9-10
Uses: Colour Fills, Selective colouring layer, and textures
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Using: Adobe photoshop 7
I tried to thoroughly explain it along with some screenshots,
so this tut should be understandable to even beginners

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Other results:
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Sora & Riku, Kingdom Hearts

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>> or

Difficulty: easy/medium
Steps: 7-8 steps . Depending on whether you use the texture or not .
Translatable: uses a layer of black and white gradient map :P
but you may be able to tranlate that . And this tutorial has no selective colouring .
Uses: Colour Fills, one texture layer and a gradient map layer .

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